Sunday, September 28, 2008

1,600 Pounds of Prawns in 2 days!

I just wanted to thank all of you so much for your continued support of our Annual Pondbank Harvest. This year, we sold an unprecedented amount - 1,600 lbs. of Freshwater Prawns in only TWO SATURDAYS. Wow! That's a record. From around 6 am til 5 pm, Prawn lovers came out with their coolers ready to grab some fresh prawns for their grills. If you have any great recipes that you tried the prawns in, please share with me!

The Pond Bank Harvest is always an exciting time for me, because I get to see old friends and then meet new ones. It was unreal the amount of folks who came this year from miles and miles away. We had customers come from as far as Louisiana, Memphis and Hattiesburg who drove hours with their families to get some prawns and enjoy a beautiful drive.

If you'd like to get some prawns, please call! Currently, we are harvesting the rest of our ponds, de-heading them, size-grading them, and putting them in our blast freezer for our customers. Our 2008 crop is continuing to come in, and we'd love to sell you some!

Thanks again for your support as always,

PS: I have some pictures from the sale that I want to post - I will put those up in the next few days.

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